Tyler Pediatric Dentist | Baby Teeth: Should They Be Removed?

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The development of your child’s mouth is an important part in their overall growth, and part of the transition is the loss of primary (baby) teeth. For most children, these first teeth will loosen and fall out on their own; however, this is not always the case. Our Tyler pediatric dentist will evaluate your child’s mouth to ensure they are on track to developing a healthy smile.

Is My Child’s Primary Teeth Loss on Track?

It’s not uncommon to wonder if your child’s oral health is on track with their overall development. According to the Mayo Clinic, a child’s 20 primary teeth typically begin to loosen and fall out around the age of 6. This usually continues until age 12, when most children lose their primary second molars. However, this can vary. Some kids can lose their first tooth at age 4 or 7. 

When Will My Child’s Primary Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Our Tyler pediatric dentist will examine all of your child’s teeth to determine how many they have lost and how many adult teeth still need to come in. Every child is different, but if their primary teeth have still not fallen out when they reach their teenage years, our pediatric dentist in Tyler may recommend removing those teeth in preparation for orthodontic treatment. In addition, if your child is beginning to get their second molars but still have some of their first teeth, we might consider removing them at that time.

Why Would My Child’s Primary Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Crowding is an issue when a permanent tooth begins to grow next to a primary tooth. We usually recommend removal of the primary tooth in this instance. Even with removal of the primary tooth, our pediatric dentist in Tyler, TX might recommend a palatal expander as part of the treatment protocol.

Why Wouldn’t My Child’s Primary Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Every mouth is different and sometimes the best course of action is simply to wait. Your child’s primary teeth have an important job in holding the required space needed for permanent teeth to come in. With missing teeth, our doctor will decide if the space between teeth needs to be closed. Keeping teeth in place is also good for keeping the gums healthy.

Our dentist in Tyler can determine if your child’s primary teeth need to be removed. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Tyler Pediatric Dentistry.

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