Mission Work at Tyler Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Ritchie doesn’t just use his skills at Tyler Pediatric Dentistry. He is involved in an organization called YWAM Ships Aotearoa (YSA). YSA is motivated by the foundational belief that every individual has a purpose, is valuable and deserves access to the necessities of life: basic healthcare, shelter, clean water and education. The purpose of YSA is to empower a healthy future for isolated island communities. The organization believes that we can improve the future for our Pacific neighbors, and Dr. Ritchie is excited to partner alongside them to help execute their mission. Through the use of a specifically equipped medical aid ship, in partnership with Pacific governments, YSA offers free health and healing services to isolated communities throughout the liquid-continent of the Pacific.

In the summer of 2024, Dr. Ritchie will travel to Fiji to go where planes and cars cannot and give back to their communities. He is excited for the opportunity to spread the love of Christ and provide better dental care to those with limited access.