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Kids Dentist Tyler, TX | Why You Should Avoid the Emergency Room for Dental Care

Tyler, TX Pediatric Dentist You want to save time and money, so you take your child to the emergency room for a dental problem. It’s a growing trend especially among parents, but you should generally avoid using the emergency room when dental problems occur. We understand you want your child to receive the best available […]

Pediatric Dentist Tyler | 5 Fun Teeth Facts

Pediatric Dentist Tyler, TX Test your child’s (and maybe your own) knowledge with these five fun facts about teeth and brushing. How many do you know without checking? What color is your toothbrush? The most common color is blue, followed by red. If you will be spending the night somewhere or are going camping, take […]

Kid’s Dentist in Tyler | Healthy Transitions: Trading Bottles for Cups

Pediatric Dentist in Tyler TX Helping your child switch from bottles to cups can be challenging. Babies may become emotionally attached to their bottles as a source of comfort as well as nutrition. However, bottles can also become dangerous to your child’s teeth over time. Continuing to use a bottle too long can cause your […]

Tyler, TX Children’s Dentist | Healthy Teeth for Sick Kids

Tyler TX Pediatric Dentist Along with cooler weather and the end of year school break, winter brings the return of cold and flu season. When you are focused on a child with a fever, cough, or vomiting, it can be easy to question getting them out of the sickbed to brush their teeth. However, keeping […]

Pediatric Dentist Tyler | Keep Kids’ Teeth Safe and Healthy This Winter

Pediatric Dentist in Tyler As a parent, you want to keep your child’s teeth safe and healthy all year long. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits are great ways to prevent tooth decay. What you may not realize is that the colder weather of the holiday season brings its own challenges to bear. Here are […]